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  • According to legend, the soldier came from the north and was an arrogant knight.  When the lightning that implies danger and confusion exploded in the sky, he was passing through a large wilderness.  "Unexpectedly it will come so soon." The warrior frowned, slapped off the remaining sticks stuck in the armor, squeezed the sword in his hand, turned his head and ran towards the darkness...
  • The ranger is a happy homeless girl living in the forest. She is a master of hunting. The prey has no escape from her hunting skills.  Her dream is to wander carefree in the forest forever. But now the darkness struck, breaking the tranquility of the town and her good life.
  • The kind priest is responsible for taking care of flowers and plants in the church.  She likes to sing, and her hobby is to hum with the church choir.  When the danger came, everyone was swallowed by darkness, a nd she became the only expectation among the disciples of the Holy Spirit.
  • The wizard has been studying magic all year round on the top floor of a high gray stone tower in the deep mountains.  Previously, because he had not cracked an extremely difficult magic circle, he was ridiculed by the old wizards of the Mage Association. He vowed to prove himself.  But the disaster destroyed the results of his painstaking research.
  • The ninja from the east country was on the old boat he made, preparing to cross the sea and go to the holy place to practice, but was attacked by the sea waves on the way.  When he recovered, he found that the Holy Land had fallen.  He decided to embark on the road to save the Holy Land.


Rules: The maximum number of scratches is 1 time/day,
and FB sharing canget 1 additional time/day
Duration :11/17-23:59 the day before launching

Collect 4: UC Weapon Salted Fish   Collect 8: R WeaponTriple Chill
Collect 15: SR weapons, Reaper's Scythe
Collect 30: UR weapons,Assassin's Blade

Note: Each weapon can only be exchanged once, and up to four weapons can be obtained at the same time.Click the redeem button to get the serial number.
After the redemption is confirmed,
it cannot be cancelled.Please be cautious!

Main city→click the [Settings] button in the upper right corner
→click [Get Prizes]→Enter the virtual treasure exchange serial number


1The pre-order activity will end at 23:59 the day before the game officially launched.

2After the number of people reached, it will be distributed on all servers in the game.

3Each Facebook account and mobile number can only participate in the event once, and each reward can only be collected once (the redemption period is valid within one month after the game's).

4Please make sure that the mobile phone number is true and valid. If the reward cannot be sent correctly due to incorrect personal data input, it will not be reissued.

5If you use improper means to participate in advance login to obtain event rewards, the official reserves the right to cancel the rewards of the player and all related accounts.

6If there are unmentioned matters, the organizer reserves the right to change, adjust and terminate this event. The content of the changes will be announced on the event page and official fan club without notice.